Thursday, July 22, 2010

FitnessBuilder Update with Progress Graphs is now Available


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FitnessBuilder 3.3 update focuses on Progress Graphs. But we didn't just make any graphs.

We made them interactive, with links, swipe-able, printable and more. And, we made a lot of them.



total body

Exercise Progress quickly and easily translates all the exercise history for both Strength and Cardio tracking into interactive, scroll-able, color-coded graphs. Strength graphs can display Maximum Weight, Average Weigh, Total Weight, Total Reps or Estimated One Rep Max for all sets of an exercise, as well as compare the Maximum & Average weights. Cardio tracking can display the Time, Distance, Calories or Average Speed.



total body

Perhaps the most satisfying and motivational set of graphs is Body Stats Progress.

Using FitnessBuilder's full rand of body measurement tools and fintess calculators, you can easily graph changes in your Weight, BMI, BMR, Body Fat % as well as girth measurements for waist, hip, thigh, chest, neck, upper arm and calf.





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Your overall Workout Progress showing how often per week you workout and for how long can be easily displayed by tapping the graph icon in the Log List.

This quick overview of your fitness dedication can really help keep you on track with a regular schedule.




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PLUS and PRO users can Print any Exercise, Workout or Body Stats Progress graph to a PDF, right from any graph screen. Not only can you independently choose which graphs to print but you can combine any number of graph types onto a single PDF.





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FitnessBuilder 3.3 is now iOS 4 compatible & provides some of the best workout applications. You can use Fast App Switching to keep your exact place anywhere in the app while you check your mail, send a text or whatever.

Even Backup Sync works in the background so you don't have to leave the app open after you saved a log.

And the best part, you're just a double-click away from accessing your full iPod music. Songs, playlists and more are available to access where you left off, after watching an exercise video.



total body

The most-requested tracking feature was to navigate to other exercises while on the track screen.

FitnessBuilder 3.3 delivers, with auto-saving of any tracking entry, per set note and more.


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