Friday, April 30, 2010

PRINT Workout Takes Sharing to a New Level


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  Print Workout's 11 different configuration options allow you to share workouts as multi-media PDFs to others, yourself & keep PDF logs of your progress. (PLUS/PRO)

Each PDF is perfectly formatted for viewing on-screen or printing. The exercises contain an image, tip, video and audio coaching.

PRO Access for fitness professionals is the perfect way for personal trainers, fitness instructors & phys ed teachers to train clients, members, patients, students & athletes.


Latest Update News

Version 3.0 (released April 20th) Introduces Print Workout for Plus & PRO access for personal trainers.

Version 3.1 (released April 22th) Facebook Connect fix. Users that login with Facebook should update to 3.1.

Version 3.2 (submitted April 30th) Post PLUS PDF logs to Facebook & Twitter, Standard users get backup Sync.

See the full Update Listing with all features, improvements & fixes.


Progress Graphs - The next major FitnessBuilder release (scheduled this Spring) brings in-app graphs to all users, and web-based, printable progress graphs to PLUS/PRO access. All tracking/stats since version 1.3 (June, 2009) is graph-able. You've waited long enough, its Graph Time!



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